Junior Safeguarding Board

“I like the JSB because they are very real. They don’t try to sugar coat issues that affect children & young people and they seriously care about trying to fix the problems.” Oisin, JSB member.

The purpose of the JSB is for children and young people to have the opportunity to voice their concerns about safety in their school, online, at home and in their communities. The West Glamorgan Safeguarding Board (WGSB) and officers supporting the JSB work closely to ensure the issues that are deemed important by children and young people across West Glamorgan are addressed. It has been a priority of officers supporting the JSB to establish joint ways of working to facilitate the participation of children and young people, and a feedback mechanism between children and young people in West Glamorgan and the WGSB, and vice versa.

Established in January 2019, the JSB comprises of representatives from secondary school across the West Glamorgan region including schools for children and young people with additional and complex needs. When the JSB was set up in 2019, pupils from across NPT would meet each term to discuss the safeguarding issues they faced at home; school; in their community.

JSB Newsletter

In order to maintain engagement with school pupils and members of the JSB, online newsletter updates on safeguarding issues are produced quarterly and sent out to schools and WGSB.

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