Practice Reviews

What is a Practice Review?

Practice Reviews are arrangements for undertaking multi-agency reviews in circumstances where abuse/neglect is known or suspected and either a child or adult at risk has died or there has been a significant incident/event resulting in a child or adult at risk sustaining serious impairment of health or development. 

This framework ensures that agencies, staff and families review in a collaborative approach to reflect and learn from what has happened.

What is the process for undertaking the Practice Review?

A multi-agency panel is established consisting of senior staff from all relevant agencies. This panel collects all the relevant information from their own individual agencies in order to develop a timeline of significant events. This is usually done by examining agency records. Another key component of this process is a facilitated practitioner focused learning event which is led by independent reviewers. This event brings together all practitioners who have had involvement with the case so that they can share their understanding of what has happened and identify key learning points.

A short animated video regarding Practice Reviews

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