Policies, procedures and practice guidance

We are currently in the process of translating our policies and procedures, if the policy you are looking for is not below please contact the Business Unit on WGSB@npt.gov.uk

Please see below list of All WGSB Policies, Procedures and Practice Guidance:-

File type Document File size
docx Guidance on the intimate body piercing of children
115 KB
docx Guidance for the rapid response to an unexpected death of a child
204 KB
docx WGSB Multi Agency protocol for the resolution of professional differences
1.62 MB
docx WGSB Self Neglect Policy
189 KB
docx WGSB Working with uncooperative families
142 KB
docx Practice Review Multi Agency Timeline Guidance
123 KB
docx Working with uncooperative families - adults at risk
148 KB
docx Non-recent (historical) abuse
118 KB
docx WGSB Protocol for management of complaints relating to Child Protection Conference
128 KB
docx Adult At Risk (AAR) decision making tool
136 KB
docx Guidelines For Rapid Response To The Unexpected Death Of A Child Aged 4 – 17
204 KB
docx Protocol For The Management Of Complaints Relating To Safeguarding Children Conferences
128 KB
docx Complaints Procedure For Practice Reviews
144 KB
pptx 7 Minute Briefings Curiosity Practice Guide
133 KB
docx Exploitation Guidance
278 KB
doc Childhood Obesity and Child Protection Concerns Practice Guidance
2.52 MB
  • WGSB Guidance on the Intimate Body Piercing of Children
  • WGSB Multi Agency Protocol for the Resolution of Professional Differences
  • WGSB Working with Uncooperative Families
  • WGSB Multi Agency Policy for Minor Injuries in Non-Mobile Babies
  • WGSB Safeguarding Children Guidance for Non Statutory Organisations
  • WGSB Birth Planning Guidance
  • WGSB Childhood Obesity and Child Protection Concerns Practice Guidance
  • WGSB Supervision of Parents/Carers of CYP Admitted with Safeguarding Concerns
  • WGSB Child Protection Enquiry Protocol
  • WGSB Practice Review Multi-Agency Timeline Guidance
  • WGSB Exploitation Guidance
  • WGSB Development of Policies, Procedures, Protocols and Guidance
  • WGSB Guidance for the Rapid Response to an Unexpected Death of a Child aged 4 to 17
  • WGSB Dissemination Implementation Procedures
  • WGSB Complaints Procedure for Practice Reviews
  • WGSB Implementation of Statutory Guidance on Escalating Concerns with, and Closures of, Care Homes Providing Services to Adults
  • WGSB Adult Protection Support Order Policy
  • WGSB Safeguarding Guidance During COVID 19
  • WGSB Protocol for the Management of Complaints Related to Child Protection Conferences
  • WGSB Self-Neglect Guidance for Adults
  • WGSB Interim DoLS Guidance pending LPS 2022
  • WGSB Escalation process for WGSB Members
  • WGSB Adult At Risk Thresholding Document
  • WGSB Non Recent (Historical) Abuse Protocol
  • WGSB Working with Uncooperative Individuals, Carers and their Families